Music Projects

New Wave Time Trippers
Time traveling from the year 1985, the New Wave Time Trippers accidentally teleported to our current time in 2013, whipping today’s crowds into frenzies with their one-of-a-kind mash-ups and live interactive music videos. Critically praised and vaunted by alternative rock legends from John Oates to Johnny Rotten, The New Wave Time Trippers excel at spellbinding the masses. With a distinctive mix of new wave, post punk, today’s hits, and pure thermonuclear badasstitude, The New Wave Time Trippers blaze seamlessly from Bowie to Bono to Bruno Mars and back again…
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Halladay Quist
Don began working with Halladay many years ago when they both played with her dad Rob Quist, original member of the Montana born Mission Mountain Wood Band. Don and Halladay have maintained a great musical partnership over the years playing live shows and most recently recording videos, Ep’s as well as full albums. Look for more from these two very soon.
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Mata Mandir Singh recording project
Don first met this amazing yogi of sound during a Kirtan concert at Blue Star Resort in Columbia Falls Montana. Having very little experience with this style of music but being drafted as a sound man and bassist for the evening Don found a new reason for making music. The concert was amazing with chants from ancient yogis, sages and poets as well as musical arrangements from Mata Mandir. Mata and Don will be recording an album and touring later in late June early July.
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Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center

Don has the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a wonderful outdoor music and nature camp. Teaching kids percussion for a week is truly a heart opening experience that is highly valued by all the people involved. Later in September Don will be a camp counselor for a week long overnight experience that will be out of this world by getting to know this world!
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