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Basses and Scary Happenings

On the 28th I went to the best bass retailer/repair shop that I have ever seen, David Gage Stringed Instruments.  I have never seen so many basses and after playing a few of them realized that they are all amazing.  I got a chance to explore some travel bass options and talk shop with Ben Blumgart (the bass expert on hand for the Czech-Ease as well as the showroom)  This visit helped me dig deeper into the mystery that is owning and caring for an upright bass and gave me some goals to shoot for as far as future purchases.  Thank you David Gage Stringed Instruments for the friendly service and knowledgeable staff!

to visit David Gage Stringed Instruments click the link below:

Later that night I went to the production of “Sleep No More” at the McKittrick Hotel and was amazed at the level of thought, art direction and production that went into the show.  The whole hotel was the show and we were allowed to travel to each floor and check out the action.  The audience (hotel guests) were silent and wore white masks and performers were unmasked.  The show developed over the course of two hours on different floors of the hotel so the audience could follow a performer around or just explore the hotel.  The show was loosely bassed on Shakespeare’s MacBeth and that is all I will say of what happened other than it was a surreal experience with a lot of like minded people running around having fun like we were in a haunted house!

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