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Flexing my producer muscles


We’re moving through April with lightning speed. This month has been busy with gigs and recording. I had a great time playing at the Casablanca-themed Chef’s Table event at FVCC, and am really excited to jam with John Zoltek and Ron Reeves for Jazz with the Maestro, an event hosted by the Glacier Symphony and Chorale that will take place at the Alpine Ballroom in Kalispell. Want to buy tickets?  You can here.

The recording project of the past few weeks has involved local artist Oshinn, who needed some songs for an upcoming radio interview. It really gave me a chance to flex my producer muscles and learn the ins and outs of editing. I was also able to experiment with recording in different spaces and with different accoutrements. The next step is recording an entire album, and with what we’ve learned with these initial two songs, I think the final product will be impressive.

We’re heading into summer. Make sure to keep checking my calendar for gig updates. I’ve added a form to my contact page, and if you want to find me on Facebook, you can like my page at